Who's Who? - Ola Håkansson

Ola Håkansson (born 24 March 1945) is a Swedish singer, composer and producer.
Ola Håkansson - Ola HåkanssonOla Håkansson - Ola HåkanssonOla Håkansson - Ola Håkansson
Ola Håkansson was born in Stockholm. He was the singer of the band Ola and the Janglers and later Secret Service. In 1986 he recorded the duet "The Way You Are" with Agnetha Fältskog.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.355518061174052.81672.100001475833690&type=1
He was part of the songwriting trio Norell Oson Bard. In 1992, with Alexander Bard, Håkansson founded the independent record company Stockholm Records.
He has four sons, Andreas, Viktor, David, Ludvig, and a daughter, Linnéa Håkansson

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