Anniversaries ~ May 2012

41 years ago

In May 1971 Björn, Benny and Agnetha toured in Sweden.

38 years ago

ABBA promoted "Waterloo" on TV in several European countries in May 1974.

37 years ago

ABBA promoted "I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do" on German TV on May 24th, 1975.

37 years ago

ABBA were in Denmark on May 27th, 1975 where they participated in the TV show "Omkring et flygel".

36 years ago

"Fernando" reached #1 on the UK chart on May 8th, 1976.

35 years ago

 Backing tracks of  'A Bit Of Myself, a working title of 'The Name Of The Game' and 'Scaramouche'.

34 years ago

ABBA were on promotional trip in USA at the beginning of May 1978.

34 years ago

The opening of new Polar Music Studios in Stockholm took place on May 18th, 1978.

33 years ago

 Rehearsals for the upcoming tour start at the konserthuset in Stockholm. 

32 years ago

A Spanish television crew comes to Stockholm to film the show 'Aplauso'.

31 years ago

Backing track of 'Another Morning Without You', a working title of 'An Angel Walked Through My Room', a working title of 'An Angel's Passing Through My Room', a working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room' (version 1). 

30 years ago

Backing tracks of 'Kamelo', a working title of 'You Owe Me One', 'Just Like That' ,Harry' also known as 'Hurry', a working title of  'I Am The City'. 

29 years ago
Agnetha's solo album "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" saw its release in Sweden on May 31st, 1983.

14 years ago

Agnetha's biggest hits were released on a compilation CD "That's Me" on May 18th, 1998.

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